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Coordinating attorney Gerõcz Klára
Coordinating attorney Gerõcz Klára
The Office of Attorney Gerõcz Klára offer general and business legal counseling to their Clients and Beneficiary Partners.
The attorneys and business advisers of this Office offer counseling in fields of activity auxiliary to the judicial activity.
  • Judicial professionalism
  • Professionalism in the relations with the other persons involved in the process of assisting and counseling our Clients and Beneficiary Partners
  • Activity efficiency
  • Activity discipline
  • Information organization
  • Protection of information
  • Exact reports on time through different means of communication
  • Continuity and team spirit
  • Flexibility on the new requests of the beneficiary

The members of our team are informed permanently and adequately about the modifications of the legislation, the interpretation of the legal norms in the whole country, as well as about the specialty information at an international level. This is why, each year, a member of our team participates to the Congress of the UIA (Union Internationale des Avocates).

The characteristics of this kind of activity are generated by the multitude of interpersonal relations that we have created and that are constantly created.

All the other principles specified are confirmed by the position of our team and at the same time, they are the proof of our progress.