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General consulting
Services in the field of labor law
Other activities
Judicial activities
Recovery of debts
  • Drawing up notifications, addresses or other kinds of letters having legal value
  • Drawing up some preliminary sales-purchase contracts, that have certified date
  • Drawing up some studies having certain themes
  • Analysis of the contracts written by the beneficiary's business partners and proposal of amendments in order to protect the interests of the beneficiary partner
  • Participation to negotiation together with the beneficiary partner in order to protect his/her interests when he/she establishes the principles of business collaboration or when he/she establishes the preliminary agreement
  • Activities concerning expropriation, namely extrajudicial and judicial procedures
  • Analysis of the documents issued by the Authorities (including financial and fiscal authorities) to the beneficiary partner and drawing up the correspondence with these institutions in order to solve the situations

Other services of the same field of activity:

  • Setting up and administration of off-shore companies
  • Setting up companies that have local participation and/or foreign share capital
  • Drawing up articles of organization and carrying on the company's registration procedure with the Office of the Trade Register
  • Modification of the articles of organization
  • Fusions, divisions, transfers-drawing up projects and carrying on the whole procedure
  • Drawing up studies on specific themes
  • Assistance and representation for notary procedures
  • Operating in the Real Estate Register, to make a clear registration of the rights on real estates